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    I have an internet... issue or rather a video streaming issue.

    I'm a college student and use the campus internet so not sure exactly how fast it is. But I have problems watching video on sites like and and

    The video stutters a ton. My first thought is internet it too slow. But here's the catch when I watch videos like LOST on ABC I have no problem, I can even select HD streaming and it runs fine.

    Tested my bandwidth and after a couple of tests i get an average of about 500-550 Kb/s dowload and 1.4Mb/s uplaod.

    But still why does the streaming work fine on ABC and not the other sites? (I miss HOUSE and NCIS)

    PS no i dont have a TV.

    +++End of Main question+++

    I use Hulu cause Firefox crashes every time a video starts on Don't know why.
    Is that a Vista problem cause it doesnt do that with my XP windows laptop
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    Those video's don't happen to be, by any chance, a Flash movie ? Because I have, since quite recently, noticed a similar thing: I can watch some Flash movies just fine, and others will give me a couple of frames then hang, give me some frames more, then hang again until I get fed up with it.

    I suspect I 'upgraded' my flashplayer browser plugin lately. And that this flashplayer does not quite work with all browsers.
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