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Thread: Arsaces needs grandkids

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    Default Arsaces needs grandkids

    Iím playing a Pahlava campaign, and it is 209BC. Iím expanding slowly but steadily, and everything has seemed to be going pretty well. However, by biggest problem now is that the children of Arsaces seem completely uninterested in producing children. Considering that Arsaces died about a decade ago, and his brotherís only male son was killed fighting the Saka before he had children, the two sons of Arsaces are the only Ashkani left. And one is 47, the other 36. So Iím really concerned that the royal line will die out. What can I do?

    It seems like the problem is that one has a sickly wife, and the other is infertile. But I gave them both physicians in their retinues. Also, I have tried to get some of my less needed family members killed, because I know the game tries to give an equal number of family members to provinces. But itís hard to get those FMs killed, especially with their late cataphract bodyguards. And I need most of my family members to govern cities. Even worse, killing the few FMs I managed has not helped. Meanwhile, the Daha members of my family seem to be breeding like rabbits, and they are taking up all the room.

    So what are my options? Should I just accept that the House of Arsaces will die off? Or can I do something in the game, or even modify the game files somehow?

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    Default Re: Arsaces needs grandkids

    I have the same problem with the Scipii, especially as Lucius Cornelius Scipio is the best FM I have, and his kids are all "unlike their father". Damn the brats.
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    Default Re: Arsaces needs grandkids

    I have the same problem with the Scipii, especially as Lucius Cornelius Scipio is the best FM I have, and his kids are all "unlike their father". Damn the brats.
    I'm sure you mean Scipiones
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    Default Re: Arsaces needs grandkids

    death ships still works well put unwanted FM in one transport both and attack any pirate or enemy fleet,
    or if you are willing to check text file for pahlavan names kill_character x will be OK,
    the choice is yours, I miss MTW times for that you was able to assasinate your own generals

    P.S. can you imagine that in one of my pahlavan campaign Arshak had 4 girls, as u may know 4 is hardcoded so I had to start another campaign for that reason
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    Default Re: Arsaces needs grandkids

    Try having your generals spend some time in some town. IIRC, they get hidden fertility traits when in town to represent the fact they are spending more time with their wives.

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    Default Re: Arsaces needs grandkids

    I had the same problem in my baktria campaign
    untill i got a war against the as and took city's of them
    now my FM's are breeding like rabbid rabbits

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    Default Re: Arsaces needs grandkids

    Yeah, the deathship option crossed my mind, but I can't do it because I don't control any territories with naval bays.

    But it doesn't matter anymore: I got some family members killed, and it must have worked because one of the two remaining Ashkani has a son. Finally. I kept him in a city and built a healer, cisterns, a medical academy, ect., hoping to get some traits that would help, and it seemed to work. So it looks like the royal family will live on. At least until this new son turns out not to be interested in women (it would be just my luck).

    Thanks for all the suggestions.

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    Default Re: Arsaces needs grandkids

    Bah the current royal family line was weak, you should of had a superior lad take the throne, by force if possible.


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