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Thread: add wargoz to getai

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    Default add wargoz to getai

    I'm trying to add the wargoz unit to the trying it for 2 days now lol(no lol)..

    Could someone pls help me how to do this?I changed some units allready...i know the basics.

    And i allready cheked the sricptorium,thats where the basic comes from.

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    Default Re: add wargoz to getai

    There is an EDU file in the "sp game edu backup" folder (in the EB directory). AFAIK you have to mod this one.
    Apart from that, Worgozez are only available as mercenaries even to the Swêboz.

    Swêboz guide for EB 1.2
    Tips and Tricks for New Players
    from Hannibal Khan the Great, Brennus, Tellos Athenaios, and Winsington III.


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