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    Default Little issue

    So i got EB played it for about two month now working fine
    then other day i want on normal RTW MP for a game working fine
    Now got to Eb and when i got to battle as Roman, the units are not set out in the Checkerboard formation as they usually were, instead they are set up as normal RTW in a straight line :(
    just wondering if the whole game has been effected and has returned to normal RTW, battle and campaign, or its just a small problem and wont affect the Ai or scripts within EB

    note it happens even thought i activate the EB script!

    any thoughts please


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    Default Re: Little issue

    I don't quite understand what you are trying to say, but the formations will not be changed unless you change one of the files. If you just played vanilla, it won't have changed anything.

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    what i am trying to say is that when you go to battle and your units are already set out in the checkerboard battle formation...

    NOW since i have played vanilla RTW they are set out in VANILLA formation

    and i am wondering if the whole games scripting has been affected because of it??

    when i get home i will try and post some screens

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    Default Re: Little issue

    ARe you using Marian Units? They don't start out in checkerboard AFAIK.
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    Default Re: Little issue

    no theyre still the cammilian units, im only in 238 bc

    it was checkerboard, then i went on vanilla Mp then it went to vanilla battle setup in EB
    :S its weird i just wanna know if the scripts have been affected
    do you think a reinstall would sort it out?
    my save games would be ok still wont they?

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    Default Re: Little issue

    Why not save yourself the trouble of reinstall and just move your units yourself?
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    Default Re: Little issue

    because i wanna know if the scripts have gone to vanilla e.g AI on the battlefield (the custom formation etc) and if the scripts have gone vanilla on the campaign

    if i know that the scripts havent been affected then im not gonna reinstall

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    Default Re: Little issue

    I can guarentee you that nothing has changed in the formations. It is just chance and the specific types of units that happen to make up your armies that have changed the formations. Some times it is just random what formation your army takes. It is just a coincidence that you played vanilla-RTW between seeing different formations.

    I know the Polybians line up in checkerboard but I don't think the Camilian or Marian do.


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