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    Hi guys, its great to be back! I thought this up while going through exams and stuff but never got to write (or type) down till now.


    All was silent before the sudden cry. A single screech that chilled up Decious' back .Gaullias nights sky flashed red with balls of flame ready to punish those beneath it., Decious pressed his dreary eyes open. Blue like tranquil water it stirred at all around it.
    "Am I Decius Drusus Gallus, general of this campaign" he asked himself.
    What was once his legions camp, was now in an inferno amongst the encroaching abyss. Decious, young and handsome the day before felt like a worn toga surrounded by bursting flames. That is, till he was jerked up to his feet. Legate Galerius's icy face stood before him,as cold as ever in the raging fire of their camp. Staring his young general down from atop white stallion, Galerius lifted him up with his huge arms. Dirt poured from Decious's brown hair, his shame reflected off the brilliant reflections on his armor.
    "The legionnaires Galerius, you must till me are they...I fear
    the worst” said Gallus.

    "No general, better than that. Few died, your area was hit the worst. My and i on are a hillside north of here. I’m surprised your alive General, your
    troops would have know one else lead them".
    Galerius watched Decius face 360 at first mention of his legionnaires.” He truly cares for them, unlike Sempronius" pondered Galerius. The fear in Gallus died slowly, being replaced by a sense of pride he hadn’t felt since they entered Gallia to suppress the lusatani and other tribes.
    "And what of my co general, Gnaeus Sempronius and his men” said Gallus
    before mounting.
    Galerius's horse reared brushed off miles of dirt, torpedoing strait ahead.
    "General, he’s missing. Before the catapults struck hed taken his men out of here. Their are only five thousand of us"
    "Like old Germanicus in Germania", said Decius smiling
    Dark woods enclosed around them whilst they pushed the fervent ocean of fire behind them. Two rings hugged his left hand. one golden like the traversing sun pacing round the palatine. The other silver, Gallus rubbed it urgently in the heart of twilight. Rolling leaves and waves past them as Decius slowly began reminiscing on his days in Rome. A batch of soldiers wove in sight, each rambling something from their lips. Galerius rode right past them, stopping round a hill of dirt.
    " ,General Drusus Gallus your alive” exclaimed the charging soldiers.

    But their blatant smiles soon vanished like the mists in Narbo, replaced by expressions of terror. Rows of roman’s were gathered, looking down from a great hill, evergreen plains strode below it. Curtails of smoke drove an "s" shape under the clouds, but the moment Gallus walked amongst his troops sudden cheers broke out. Gallus nodded on, feeling the brush of their words against his face. The "aves" and "hail Gallus" were all said with passion.
    "That treacherous rat Sempronius" remarked Legate Gaius Tertius at council
    an hour later.
    Rows of men sat on either side of a great wooden table, Decius at its head. The many centurion helmets nodded on to Gaius's words, each one sweeter than honey to a starving bee.
    "We must retreat General ,I beg you. Throw down anything of weight and retreat to massilia. Rome’s emperor will forgive us for running but you must consider i.."
    Shouted Decius, sweat streaming down his face. Gaius sat down quickly at the upshot of Gallus's thunderous roar. His older brother Marcus Tertius Minor stood up, chuckling at his youngest brothers face. Soon as he laid eyes on his good friend Gallus, he saw strait through his tangle of words. He knew their be no retreat, though mighty gauls stalked towards that very moment. Marcus nodded slightly then smacked his hand on the trembling table.
    "Decius, I have always trusted you, as I do now. My cavalry will die with you, here
    in gallia, or in germania or wherever. Were with you."
    Soon as Marcus sat down a dozen others shot up saying the same. Centurion Magentius, Legate Dollabella, and Galerius swore eagerly to their young commander.
    As each embarked, Decius alone stood enamored by darkness. His chair twitched at the thought, one last battle for rome. Smiling, he felt a sudden a hand stalk his shoulder.” Maybe death” wondered Gallus smiling while he grasped it.
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    Lightbulb Re: Imperator:Mercies song

    Hello WarMachine187, welcome back .

    If I may offer some advice: proof-read your stories before submitting them. This will make it easier on the reader and, frankly, if you can't be bothered to spell check, why should we should we bother to read it?
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    Sorry about that.I kindve rushed through it the first time,thanks for reminding me.


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