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Thread: Who looks more like a Chimp?

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    Default Who looks more like a Chimp?

    Obama or Bush?
    RIP Tosa

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    Default Re: Who looks more like a Chimp?

    Hmmm......... I've got to go with Bush.

    The reason? Well, I've seen a zillion pictures comparing Bush to a chimp over the years. I haven't, however, seen any pictures of Obama and a chimp, so I don't know, the concept is rather alien to me. I've tried twisting my mind to visualize how a "monkey obama" would look, but I just can't do it. I think it's something with that jaw making it impossible.

    But then, I'm not sure I wouldn't made the connection Bush-chimp if not for all the pictures over the years...
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    Default Re: Who looks more like a Chimp?

    You have no option for Pelosi.
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    Default Re: Who looks more like a Chimp?

    Not so cool...


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