Hello people, let me introduce my new Interactive History. This Interactive History will be different to others, and please, don't confuse this Interactive History with a Play by Email Multiplayer game. This game has the aim to achieve the objectives of the Imperial Campaign of Rome: Total War, that's conquering 50 provinces and Rome. The game I will be using its RTW version 1.0, no mods, Germans in M/M. (The other thread will be deleted)

Before my grandfather's grandfather's was born, this is our land. This are good places, our Gods live here, in the trees and rivers, they watch over us. We are happy, we hunt, we love. We have families, homes, good places. Sometimes we must fight. The Romans disturb the Gods. They burn the forests. They take what is ours, wives, children, land. But the Romans talk how they will protect and help us, they put us to sleep with golden promises. When we wake all we had is gone, STOLEN! They take our sons and turn into little Romans! HA! So we protect to keep what it is ours, what MUST stay ours, there can't be no peace, there can be... ONLY WAR!!

I suddenly woke up. I could recognize that voice, I've heard this voice so many times that I could not forget it anymore. It was... my father, dead, lying in the floor, in the middle of the chant of warriors, running, fighting, pushing forward. I barely recognize that place, it looks like one of those Gaulic towns where war took the place. There is something not so special about those towns: they are built all the same.

My father was talking with me, even though what I could do (and was by far the best thing) is to hear. I've always respected my father, even after death. How could he talk if he was dead, bleeding, suffering? I only can think that our Gods, all of them wise, let me hear my father one more time to hear some words of wisdom coming from him. Those are indeed his words, with one aim: Guide me to the defeat of the Romans, enemy of the Germanic Empire, since we expanded too far into their territory. The Gauls have been expelled from Alseia, Condate Redonum, Lemonum, Narbo Martius, Lemonum, Iuvavum, Mediolanium, Massilia and Ludgunum. They are going to be defeated at all, they are just delaying their sentence of death for months. My aim is to destroy them all.

I can think that there can be peace. A world without Romans is the best solution for our people. And our Gods will grant us years of wisdom, happiness and health. Like my father said in that strange dream, there can be only war.