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Thread: prob is vista comes on comp

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    Default prob is vista comes on comp

    so will an inergraded still run the games or will i need to buy a new one

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    Hi forestnad and welcome to the forums
    Might I ask which TW game you are taking about? If you're taking about Medieval (1) Total War, ATi graphics cards don't work on Vista (integrated or non-integrated) and neither do Intel Integrated cards for playing the game. The only solution for these models involves downgrading your drivers to force compatibility which cannot be done due to the "newness" of the OS.

    Nivida cards do have a solution however, for Geforce 7xxx and below, see here under the section starting "Another fix (recommended generally to Nvidia 6xxx/7xxx owners) is forcing Antialiasing 2x. This is done by:". For Geforce 8xxx and above, see here.

    For R:TW and M2:TW, there are no known incompatibilities with certain cards.

    Hope this is useful

    Edit, looks like I've been a little out of touch with solutions for a while - Asai Nahamasa is a little more tuned in than I am so he's probably better to listen to.
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    For Geforce 8xxx and above there is no solution for the problems in battles. Older Geforce should be ok if you enable 2x AA.

    ATI HD cards seem to be working even with the latest drivers, though there are issues with the loading screen taking a long time. Only the button fix is needed - though some old 9xxx or X series ATI cards may still need older drivers. I have gotten the game running ok on an ATI X1200 IGP.

    Newer intel IGPs are also a no go, though you may get the older ones working with certain drivers (have a look in the apothecary forum).
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