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Thread: From where I can download EB 1.0

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    Default From where I can download EB 1.0

    Hi, I thought I'd introduce myself first. I'm Arttu 15y old living in Finland skandinavia, I'm trying to download EB and I'm begging for your help I really want to play this game. So if someone woul be so kind to help me here's the problem:

    I've folllowed the guide to install EB, with screenshots. The guide says that in order to install the latest EB build I need to have EB v1.0 and the problem is that it can't be downloaded from EB website so where can I get it? Or is it possible to install the latest build without EB 1.0?

    (I'm really sorry if my english is bad)

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    Default Re: From where I can download EB 1.0

    Welcome to the forums, Fekes.

    The latest build is patch 1.2.

    Install RTW (outside of Program Files : e.g. C:\RomeEB)
    patch up to 1.5 if needed (start RTW to check if it says version 1.5)
    Install EB 1.1 (downloadable on the website) in the folder where you've installed RTW (C:\Games\Rome - Total War). Check if it is working.
    Install EB 1.2 in that same folder (C:\Games\Rome - Total War).
    Install the fixes (see the stickied thread on this forum).

    Enjoy playing (and don't forget to read the FAQ).

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    Default Re: From where I can download EB 1.0

    Many thanks, Mediolanicus. I'll see if I can get it working.


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