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Thread: ive shot a general !

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    i was in a game, with my clan leader (theforce) we were allie against 2 other people, i cant remember there name though, and the person i was talking on had lots of archers, and i had guns, then i just remembered that UNlimmited ammo was on, so i though i was screwed,so i got all my guns, and told them to shoot at his genera and all of a sudden, 'your men have taken the head of the enermy general with out leader ship...his army will be in chaos' it was funny, then ALL his archers started running then he tried charging me :P i had 5 honour 5 guns then, im always gonna take that in a 2 v 2 now
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    [QUOTE]Originally posted by TheDarkDwarf:
    'your men have taken the head of the enermy general'

    I shot the sheriff !

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    You lucky, lucky man.
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