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Thread: Extended Offices Mod

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    Default Re: Extended Offices Mod

    hi Atra, belliger here.
    I just tried to download your mod, but it says 'page not found'.
    where/how/when can i get your mod?
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    Default Re: Extended Offices Mod

    Quote Originally Posted by Atraphoenix View Post
    [COLOR="Blue"]Extended Offices Mod: Current Versions:
    -EOM 3
    -EOM 2.1b V.T. Marvin's Adaptation

    After bug report I have changed some files so if you have problems please use the link below to update my mod.

    To Download Latest FIXED Version:

    Click Here

    It still works for me!

    Quote Originally Posted by Equilibrius
    Oh my god, i think that is the first time in human history that someone cares to explain an acronym that people expect everybody to know in advance.
    I lived for three years not knowing what AAR is.

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    Default Re: Extended Offices Mod

    well... this is what i got:
    La pagina web non è stata trovata
    Nessuna pagina web trovata per l'indirizzo web:
    Errore 6 (net::ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND): Impossibile trovare il file o la directory.

    it is in italian, but the last line, british
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    Default Re: Extended Offices Mod

    Quote Originally Posted by MechWarrior View Post
    Concerning the Seleukid Archistrategos ancillary, why do I get a "Not in His Satrapy"
    trait for it every time one of my FMs gets it? Does it having electability 22 have anything
    to do with it?
    I get this too (e.g. for the Persis satrapy) and my FM always stays in his satrapy, so I am wondering if there is a solution for this bug. I also looked into the files but my knowledge of triggers isn't good enough. I only added the condition that the FM has to stay in the settlement for the trait to remove, but I don't know if this works actually.

    So is there a solution for this problem?

    I know that this post is already 4 years old :)
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    Default Re: Extended Offices Mod

    This is a great mod :) Thank you for your efforts on this
    Just a little issue though. Imho it was better to make "ShâhânShâh" a trait not an ancillary. Also is it possible for you to replace Pahlava faction heir title (Which right now is called "Prince"!) with Vâspur?

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    Default Re: Extended Offices Mod

    I quit updating this submod for a long time because of real life issues and my other modding works.
    @TheStranger your issue is not related with this submod it is based on your mod compilations or vanilla traits.
    @kambiz it is possible to change both but this mod is based on ancillary files to do your statements some other files should be modded.

    I will not update this again if there are volunteers or modders they can mod this whatever they wish.

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