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Thread: RS 1.5c is Released!!

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    Default RS 1.5c is Released!!

    Here is the latest, and hopefully last, patch to RS1.5. This patch addresses of number of minor and irritating bugs, here's a partial list of bugs that were fixed in this patch:

    • Rivers not getting to edge of landmasses
    • No travel between Sinope and Trapezius (this was the same bug as the rivers not reaching the edge of the landmasses, map_features.tga accidentally got shifted up and to the right which put some of the river crossings into the water)
    • Legion recruitment not working correctly for byzantium
    • Moesia not listed in a mercenary recruitment group in descr_mercenaries
    • Ptolemies, Carthage cannot build an aqueduct or city plumbing
    • Croton incorrectly listed as a location for initiating the Imperial Reforms on the Info Building's description
    • Celtiberian Spearmen & Early Liby-Phoenician Spearmen duplicate recruitment
    • A couple of missing sprites added in
    • A couple of missing resources were added into descr_regions.txt
    • A couple of name related issues were fixed (may have been the cause of a few errorless CTDs)
    • Various other minor bugs

    To download the patch go to the Full Installer Thread and follow the supplied link.

    This patch should be save game compatible.

    If you find any other bugs, which hopefully there aren't anymore of, report them in the Bug/Ctd thread
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