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Thread: Why do I like Southland Tales so much????

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    Default Why do I like Southland Tales so much????

    When this movie came out I was sort of indisposed so I just recently caught it on DVD.

    The plot is all over the place, some might say it's a "hot mess."

    It has actors that would normally turn me off: the rock, justin timberlake, half a dozen SNL alumni, sarah michelle gellar, mandy moore;

    The timeliness is off because it was apparently written in 2000 and takes place in 2008, and the movie took years to finish and got horrible reviews at cannes (actually, horrible reviews at cannes is a reason to like it)

    And one of semi-pivotal actors is downright horrible.

    Nonetheless I find it fascinating. The soundtrack, the many references to great literary works, the humor both intentional and unintentional, the final scenes and lines. the ending on the zeppelin gives me chills, and the emcees final comments about Krysta Now may be one of the funniest things I've ever seen in a movie.

    Please, tell me I'm not crazy and that at least one other person on earth thinks this movie is great
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    Default Re: Why do I like Southland Tales so much????

    'Tis a rather cool movie, though SMG was great as a porn star singer, even enjoyed her song 'teenage horniness is not a crime' or something like that...
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