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    For those interested in the pursuit of Liberty and separation from Great Britain, or just to play out the American Revolution, our clan may be of interest to you. To give you an idea to our form, I will lay out a brief preview of our clan:

    Upon entering the forums here, you will notice several sub-forums ranging from Congress to Military geared.

    The "Public Advertiser" (taken from the name of a Boston Paper Samuel Adams frequently wrote in) is our news outlet. In that forum you will see matters of the Clan we need to get across to ourselves and to visitors. This includes the Clan Charter and outline, as well as any upcoming events or news of good import.

    General Discussion is the same as GD forums on any forums!

    The Embassy is split into two forums, one for opening an Audience for your clan if you already belong to one and wish to open negotiations. The other is where we open permanent sub-forums where your clan members can post in their own area any salutations, clan news you wish to share with us, etc.

    The others are for Congress, State Assemblies, and the Military of the 13US.

    When you join you will be asked to select one of the 13 states originally in the US. This will determine what state assembly you take part in.

    You don't have to choose right away which service to join; the Militia is where every person can 'sit' and take part in the government, fighting when he/she has time. In fact as a member of a State, you can decide the course that State will take.

    You can also be selected to join Congress, which really means that you will be able to choose the direction of the clan as a member of the house of representatives. If that suits you, you may even have a future as President of Congress!

    For more information, see our forums... Our Congress is coming up on a vote on several resolutions, so to help us out in our new Republic come by, join up and become part of turning the world upside down!
    Major Sir Horton III, ADC, Royal American Rifles, The King's Own.

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    13 US is recruiting again. We are currently working on our Constitution and various other things, as well as our two commanding officers training daily in battle online. Check out the forums and drop us a line.
    Major Sir Horton III, ADC, Royal American Rifles, The King's Own.


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