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Thread: Marian Reforms and Italian Allies

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    Default Marian Reforms and Italian Allies

    Dear Forum,
    I´m currently playing a Romani-Campaign (EB 1.1) and I noticed that, after the Marian Reforms, I´m no longer able to recruit units as “Italian Allies” (above all, the “Equites Extraordinarii”) or Campanian Cavalry in my level 5 or level 4 native MIC´s in Italy. I´m now a little confused, because the Italian Allies still appear on the EB-Website under the “Factions” (i.e. Units) Section in the Marian unit roster. Is this a bug in my game or is it projected?

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    Default Re: Marian Reforms and Italian Allies

    Erm, you might want to check the EB website again.

    The Italian allies are only listed under the camillan and polybian rosters, not under the marius and imperial ones.

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    Default Re: Marian Reforms and Italian Allies

    Which is historically accurate, even though more factors than the "Marian Reforms" played in, the Social War and enfranchisement of most Socii springs to mind...
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    Oh... I see. Thank you very much!


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