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    Default Napoleonic Total Warfare

    I am thinking of making the great effort of patience to reinstall MTW:VI and place Napoleonic Total War instead of XL for a while.
    All that stops me is my memory of the AI in the singleplayer campaign.
    I adored the age, the units, and the forts.. Everything!

    But the AI simply never behaved aggressively for me.

    And when I attempted to force a war on a nation, even as humble Niederlaenders marching on the French - the enemy gave way unless I attacked with withering odds against me.

    Evenso! I still am anxious to see the little scottish regiments advancing towards shattering bombardments of the Spanish king - but I hope that someone here can give testimony that the AI in NTW can be aggressive - that I should simply have patience and build my infrastructure and wait for the world wars to begin.

    I will add the the developers on their home site were dishonourably uncaring and quite selfish - prefering to engage in reminiscence of multiplayer.

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    The napoleonic mod is very good Mr Glenn - but in single player mod its really poor - the AI as you know from its use of guns and arbalests in MTW is poor handling them and even poorer combining them with spears and melee units.

    The Napoleonic mod really shone in mp - it was really good there.

    However its still a very well made mod with good concept and unit balance and attention to details. Worth the time exploring it in SP and if you can find anyone to play it online go for it.

    !it burnsus!
    The Caravel Mod: a (very much) improvedvanilla MTW/VI v2.1 early campaign

    Please make sure you have the latest version (v3.3)
    Since v3.3 the Caravel Mod includes customised campaigns for huge and default unit settings

    Download v3.3
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    Default Re: Napoleonic Total Warfare

    I enjoyed the NTW mod much more on MP than Campaign - where it was too packed with units etc. (as gollum said)

    If you want a campaign using guns etc. i'd reccomend P&MTW, which is not disimilar, especially towards the end of the campaign, and is much better sp

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    I played Pike & Musket for a long time, before trading the blurry blobs labelled as musketeers for the somewhat detailed units of Tyberius XL - which I have been enjoying as much.
    But the Napoleonic era is marvellous!

    I reinstalled and modded the game with NTW!

    Contrary to my last game, where I walked over all of Europe unopposed as the Polish - ha - I have just tried playing an Ottoman game on Hard (I played on Normal before).

    My god! What battles! Due to lack of naval support I had great troubles attempting to bring enough artillery from the empire to the Russian front in Moldavia - and a blockade kept me from supporting the Crimea, where 1200 Turkic Rifles were eventually captured.

    For the first time in any style of MTW or RTW I faced an allied attack!
    Russia, having suffered three terrible defeats in Moldavia due to the turkish Eightpounders brought from Istanbul, allied on the sixth turn of the game with the Hapsburgers and Poland.
    On the AI's turn, Russia and Poland attacked Moldavia with respectively 6800 and 3400 men!
    Austro-Hungary.. Ironically my most beloved European nation.. Led 3000 into Wallachia.

    My Eastern Counter-offensive through Circassia was entirely disintegrated by the power of the Russian Cuirassier, and I lost all European holdings..

    Oh, I have lost battles before.. But I haven't lost wars! Not with over 20,000 men in a standing army!

    So many firsts mean that I will be staying with NTW for some time..
    And no doubt making an AAR that I hope will last for a few reports!

    I recommend NTW to anyone who wants a change from Medieval times; on these conditions; that you play either the NAP Campaign I or II; that you play on Hard at the least; that you never starve garrisons but storm at every opportunity; and refrain from rushing the AI.
    Playing in this way, I have found the game challenging! On the battlemap, truly the AI cannot organise the troops so efficiently, but I have seen worse mistakes made with Men-At-Arms than with simple battle-lines of cannon fodder.

    Spiffing marvellous!


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