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Thread: why can't i save progress?

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    Smile why can't i save progress?

    i have EB and everything works fine except i can't save any of my games. it gives me an error msg when trying to save. i do the show me how thing for the script... so i'm all out iof ideas and its pretty pointless having a game you cant save. any ideas ladz?

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    This is probably a problem with the script. Whenever I've seen this, it's been from one of two causes:
    1) The script isn't capable of finishing itself because it hasn't been properly ended. This probably isn't the case with EB. :)
    2) The script hasn't been fully started.

    My recommendation? Delete your map.rwm file (I do this compulsively) and start a new game from scratch. Make sure you click the show-me, then make sure it runs properly. I think we can assume the script is properly written, so it's got to be something in the initiation.
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    my friend, thnk you! a simple and clear reply is all i asked for and your help is appreciated very much!

    i will try this once i can get rtw installed again... i uninstalled it and eb to re-install but now it cuts out half way through installment on rtw... and will not finish lol it's driving me mad!!!


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