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Thread: Best Total War Game Yet

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    Default Best Total War Game Yet

    I just thought that I would see what everyone's opinions are before Empire is thrown into the mix, as it is likely going to change quite a few people's minds.
    Now to clarify (read this), I do not mean which is the best quality, most realistic, best graphics, etc. Obviously things improve with time, so it would not be fair. What I mean is which was the farthest step up from what there used to be out there. (In Shogun's case, from what other strategy games were out there) What added the funnest challenge of its time, which was the most of a game changer, etc. Which is the most classic and well done for its resources?
    To me it is a no brainer: R:TW. I am sure lots of people will have different opinions on it, but the reasons I think RTW are as follows:
    A) It was the first truely 3-D. That is not only important because it looks nice, but it allows for you to do so many different things.
    B) the gameplay additions were so excellent that it brought the Total War series from a high B to an A+. Things like seiges, 3-D tiled campaign map with movement limits no longer tied to provences (while not perfect) added soooo much to the gameplay that it really took Total War to the next level.
    C) Tied to that is that it made so many leaps and bounds in realistic gameplay and simulation. It really added shock effect (with charge damage and a unit's ability to cut through formations), it finally made ranged units of some use and overall represented everything more realistically (I say more, not totally realistic. I realise that it was very flawed)
    D) Finally, it is just a classic. Much like Shogun I see it as a milestone in RTS history that just has such a classical appeal.

    I could add that I like the timeframe and stuff, but then I could say the same for any of them :P. (esp the Medievals)

    What are your thoughts?

    EDIT: Oh megatrash! I forgot to add a poll. :P Oh well, just post with your answer. :P
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    Default Re: Best Total War Game Yet

    Shogun. Nuff said.
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