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Thread: Glory Hogs

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    Cool Glory Hogs

    Hey All,

    Are any of you guys "Glory Hogs"? Do you just love having Glory of any sort? Online, RL or both?

    I do

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    Default Re: Glory Hogs

    Real life glory is fair enough for example achievement, winning sports events ect but I don't understand how you can experience "glory" online.

    I mean fair enough it's good knowing im the bees knees when it comes to FPS games but do I feel sense of glory or achievement being good at them?

    Not really. It's only a game.

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    Default Re: Glory Hogs

    If there's no award, then it's not worth doing.
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    Default Re: Glory Hogs

    I ysed to be a hell of a glory hog in RL, in the days before I came here...

    a series of very unfortunate events will take care of that for you.

    in games: its just a darn game, what glory is there? though there is a friendly rivalry between my brother and I. (the not so dumb brother that is).
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    Default Re: Glory Hogs

    Don't mind in rl or in computer games

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    Default Re: Glory Hogs

    Real life is funnier....

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    Default Re: Glory Hogs

    I'm modest. I'm the best at being modest.
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