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Thread: Kalmar Union bug?

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    Default Kalmar Union bug?

    In my current Kingdoms campaign I'm having trouble forming ther Kalmar union. I know it's a known bug,my question is is it fixed in the kingdoms 1.5 patch,or do i need to manually fix it? I've downloaded a script patch which should fix it,but I have no idea what I need to do with it,and all the links to fixing it here lead to a "404-page not found"error message..

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    Default Re: Kalmar Union bug?

    The bug was not that you couldn't form the union, but that you could not train the three special units. Actually those units are not that special. Only the two handed swordsmen (Gotland Footmen) are worth it. IIRC 1.5 patch fixed the bug.
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    Really? now that I've acheived the union I was looking at sami axement and 16 attack and 6 charge seems very nice to me,seeing my Norse axement only have 16 attack..

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    Svenner are light cavalry, but at twice the size of a normal cav unit they can kick serious ass. At least in my hands... But yeah, the units are not that special.

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    Default Re: Kalmar Union bug?

    There is a bug with the ability to train the three units which Kalmar Union would able to grant the player. Sami Axeman is generally reduntant as Norse Axemen has higher attack, defence and charge (Norse Axemen 16, 14, 9, Sami Axemen 14, 13, 8). Svenners are weak light cavalry that strangly have twice the number of normal cavalry units (similar to the Constable of Jersualem), making them worthwhile for some players' taste. The most rewarding unit, in my opinion is the Gotland footmen is worth all the trouble, giving Denmark a worthy two-handed sword unit in the game.

    Although all this info is utterly useless since you can’t train them anyway.
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