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Thread: Beyond the Seven Hills recruiting

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    Default Beyond the Seven Hills recruiting

    *** If this thread is against Forum rules, please delete, I did not see a rules listing or any specific banning of PBM advertising / recruiting ***

    Beyond the Seven Hills is a Roman PBM currently in session. We have room for many more players to act as either Tribunes in the Legions where they can venture forth into the cruel uncivilized world and subjugate it according to the will of the SPQR - or - a player can obtain a governorship of various cities as an Aedile, and should they prove successful, the Senate may bestow upon them a Provincial Dictatorship!

    Of course, your destiny may cross many different paths, it's all up to you! Would you plot and scheme in back rooms hoping to usurp power for yourself, becoming a new Rex? Do you have the fortitude to lead men to their deaths in glorious combat, slaughtering all in your path? Whatever your choice, you have a voice in the Senate and can sway the destiny of an empire but with one cast of your vote.

    Currently, all of Italia and now Illyria are under the purview of the SPQR. The Epirote Greeks will surely not sit idly by when we sit outside their capitol of Ambrakia! The treacherous Gauls sleep in their forested homes; but the mountain passes of the Alps cannot guarantee Roman hegemony over the region. And the Carthaginians across the vast middle sea plot and scheme against us. Though we are allied, they send spies to our cities and dispatch military forces to our borders. How will you be a voice amongst our people? How will you lead Roma to greatness Beyond the Seven Hills?
    Semper Fidelis

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    Default Re: Beyond the Seven Hills recruiting

    Join guys join!
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    Look out for the upcoming PBM! Get ready to defend your tribe from both external and internal rivals!


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