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Thread: M2TW on win98

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    Default M2TW on win98

    Is there any possibility to run M2TW on windows98?If it is how?Sorry if it has been asked.I would really apreciate help.

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    Erm, no, not as far as I would expect... Can't say I've tried it, though, but it seems very unnatural - if the machine can run M2TW, it probably shouldn't be running Win98, after all.

    A quick google returned that DirectX9.0c can be run on Win98. I (and probably everyone else here) have no idea whether the game uses any API elements which were not present. Go ahead and try your luck, I'd say - and if it works, make sure to tell us!


    /me suppresses the urge to set 98 up on a virtual machine just for this purpose...


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