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Thread: need help for Traits !

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    Default need help for Traits !

    Hi all ,

    i'm now working on the traits in Rohan - TW (since there's no1 else to do it :) ) , and i have a problem .. There's 2 kinds of traits : King of the Mark and King's Heir , but also First Marshall of the Mark , second Marshall , ...

    Now , King of the Mark is easy to do , just change name/description of the trait , and that should do it .. But then the other factions have this trait too , even though it's not for them .. Then second problem : you have First Marshall of the Mark , Second Marshall .. , Third Marshall , and then Lesser Marshall .. Now i could do the same with Commander and again change names , but then you could have 5 First Marshalls , wich ofcourse , is incorrect .

    I could assign the Trait specifically to a character , but if he dies , no1 else will gain the trait :S

    Does anyone knows how to fix this ?

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    Default Re: need help for Traits !

    Replied in the TWC thread.

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    Default Re: need help for Traits !

    Alright , thanks Aradan :)

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    Default Re: need help for Traits !

    i have a new problem/question (sorry :P) :

    Do traits really need a trigger ? For instance , if i want to use a "custom" trait (a trait to give at someone in descr_strat , but some1 else can't achieve it , like a bloodline or something :) )

    If they really do , what could be a possible trigger for these "custom traits" of wich i talked before ?

    Many thx,

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    Default Re: need help for Traits !

    Answered in thread at twcenter.
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