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Thread: Fatal Crash, Mayday Mayday

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    Default Fatal Crash, Mayday Mayday

    Well after playing EB since .78 was released this is the first time my saved game as been ruined. in my Romani campaign its 114 BC. The CTD is happening between the Aedui and Sweboz turn. I did everthing Bovi suggested, I even swooped faction with the Aedui, the game crashes as soon as I press the next tun button. I moved units around, moved and checked their characters, even looked at the buildings in their cities. And I cant swoop faction with the Sweboz, the game crashes. I am not aware that there may be a fix for 1.1 for this problem, so any help will be appreciated.

    If these problem is not going to be fixed, which is a pity, as I was very much enjoying my campaign, I will play EB 1.2 with Alex, as I have read rather than heard that the exe is more realiable than Rome


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    Default Re: Fatal Crash, Mayday Mayday

    I won't spend time on 1.1 campaigns anymore, sorry. If the frequent issues don't help (and I gather you've tried all the suggestions), I'm afraid you're going to have to start a 1.2 campaign. Anyone else is of course free to try.
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