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    Question ARGEADES.

    i was wondering... in EB, antigonos gonatas (king of makedonia) and his relatives bear the name 'argeades'. it's also mentioned that they are directly related to megas alexandros (cousins, etc) and that there were very few members of the argeades still around.

    however, it is known that they were descended from demetrios poliorcetes and antigonos monopthalmos. also, alexander's two sons were killed (one under orders from kassandros, i believe) during the wars of the diadochi, so the argead branch through him must have died out.

    so, does this mean that antigonos and demetrios were not only officers under alexander, but also his direct relatives, or did they just marry into the another branch of the argead line and adopted the name so as to lend their rule legitimacy?
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    You're right -- Antigonos Gonatas descends from Antigonos I Monopthalmos; there is no legitimate familial tie to Alexander III/Philip, etc and the Argeade line. When Antigonos Gonatas took the Makedonian throne from the Gauls that killed Ptolemy Keraunos, he may have made it seem like he inherited this Argeade throne/line.

    Alexander IV (Megas Alexandros' legitimate son by Roxanna) was killed by Kassander and Herakles (Alexander III's illegitimate son) was betrayed by Poliorchetes and slain as well.

    Philip Arrhidaos (the half brother to Alexander III) and his wife Eurydike are killed by Olympias after she raids Macedon with an Epirote army.

    And the last of the Argeade line dies with Kleopatra (full sister to Alexander III) -- when she is assassinated/executed by Antigonos Monopthalmos for her conduct; "she sold her wares." ;)

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    Default Re: ARGEADES.

    It is true that the Argeades dynasty had come to an end. IIRC though, Antigonos II claimed to be related to the old royal family as to give legitimacy to his rule.

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    Default Re: ARGEADES.

    thanks for the replies tsidneku and marcusaureliusantonius. that cleared up a lot of things :)


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