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    Realising I was pretty much clueless, googling for "musket infantry tactics" turned up this gem:

    About muskets and bayonets:
    Infantry tactics:

    (Yes, it's Napoleonic. Meh.)
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    I would recomend having a look at the recomended reading for Empire thread, and would add on the works of Christopher Duffy.

    It was all very much about manouvre and above all timing! At Blenheim Marlborough timed his cavalry charge perfectly, but without his and Eugene's magnificent manouvre it could never have occured.

    For the pinnacle of 18th century tactics I would review the battles of French and Indian war (read up on a fellow named Kirkwood) and those of the Prussians, Austrians and Russians in the Seven Years War. The light infantry tactics of the American Army (the British army in N.A) are quite astounding as is the ability of their commanders to adapt tactics, dispelling the idea of British generals simply blundering around in bright red frock coats, the prevention of encirclement, independence and movement were the foundation of light infantry tactics as developed in America. It is all very interesting IMHO.

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