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    New to the guild, and fairly new to TW too. Used to play all of the AoE like a fiend though. Been playing Medieval II for a while now and got totally hooked, and now the new one, Empire, coming out soon, wow. Was bored one day and went rummageing through my now moved away from home youngest son's old games he left in a box in a closet to come get later on. Saw the Medieval II box and thought for myself...'Hey, I heard a lot about this game but I never tried it out. let's give it a whirl...'. Wife been coming in every night since going' Aren't you ever coming to bed?'. 'Sure dear, just give me a sec, you see this French army here is... and I just need too... dear? honey? where did you go???'.

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    Welcome to the forum. "come to bed" the dreaded words every TW fan dreads. Im glad you've decided to pic up MTW II and give it a blast. Although that Come to bed will soon be I want a divorce, and you cant send clergy and assasins in really life, unless your a man in a religious order or in the know, are you a man in the know cos if so i require your services ones your done.

    Anyways enjoy every second of beating them pesky french, you'll need a lot of cavelry because they do a lot of running.
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    Welcome Tassen
    Dawn is nature's way of telling you to go back to bed

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    im havin the same problem.
    already 3:13 am here in NY, just gettin started really.

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    Hi Tassen, welcome to the Guild.

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    Hey Tassen, welcome to the Guild!

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    Welcome aboard the good ship .org! :)
    Ja-mata TosaInu

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    Ahoy thar matey! Welcome to the guild .

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    Welcome Tassen.
    Your choice of user name made my day
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