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Thread: Where's the Justice?

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    Things like this really piss me off. Not only does Canada go against its more recent promises, ever since the treaties have been signed, the Canadian government has been shamelessly going back on its historic promises. I mean, these treaties were considered sacred by the First Nations, that were to continue, as the treaties state, “as long as the sun shines, the rivers flow and the grass grows.”

    The above video mentions the (attempted) thievery of natural resources from First Nation lands (reserve lands), and the completely unlawful police actions enforced by the government over a cry for justice. What it fails to mention is that broken promises not only stop at this, but that the Canadian government has, ever since the signing of the treaties, gone back on its promises countless times. The reserve lands promised to First Nations have considerably shrunk in size due to Canadian greed for natural resources and farmland, and the majority of First Nation people live in poverty, either on the reserves (with no job opportunities) or in poor urban ghettos (in an ironic attempt to flee poverty on the reserves).

    Heck, at least we were able to sign treaties. The Metis had it worse off, having signed no treaties, being beaten into submission in two rebellions(Red River, Northwest), and forced to squat on the land beside highways for a shamefully long time ("road allowance people"). If you want to know more about that, read Maria Campbell's book, Half-Breed. She was there.

    I hope I helped enlighten you fine people. This country is a disgrace.


    I should at least be happy that my generation is not completely clouded by racism. For that I am thankful. My uncle tells me things which no one should have to put up with, simply because of the colour of one's skin. Maybe I'm just one of the fortunate few?
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