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Thread: Letters from Brandywine. An ETW collab AAR

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    Default Letters from Brandywine. An ETW collab AAR

    Monk and I have put up a collaborative AAR of the ETW Demo Battle of Brandywine. We decided to put it in the Parliament forum, as ETW interest is very high there at the moment. Once the full game is released, Monk and I will be playing a full-length multiplayer campaign game against each other, and we will do regular write-ups of the action as we play it. That will be hosted here in the Mead Hall, and should provide a decent amount of entertainment, as it will likely take a very long time to play through the entire campaign.

    We hope you enjoy our AAR 'teaser' and look forward to the real thing.

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    Default Re: Letters from Brandywine. An ETW collab AAR


    Check it out, TinCow and I really hope you all enjoy it. These collabs are a lot of fun to put together.


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