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Thread: Uneable to play the demo.

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    Default Uneable to play the demo.

    I was wondering. Does anyone else have problems with playing the demo.
    With me the demo starts and i can go as far as try to play a tutorial Battle. Then the cursor loads half way and start to go for and back wards but never load the Battle scene. I hear the sound and see the cursor move,but that's it. Very frustrating. I have ATI Radeon graphics card and dual core on board. My system is better then required. I saw in some forums that people with ATI radeon have the same or similar problems, but no one knows to help. I updated all drivers but still the same problems. Very frustrating.
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    Default Re: Uneable to play the demo.

    I have the same problem but only on the land battle. The others all work and it does not seem to be a hardware problem.

    I have toyed with the idea of reloading the demo…but it took so long the first time…

    Try some of the others and see if they work. Otherwise, it may take a new download.

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    Default Re: Uneable to play the demo.

    I had to backdate my drivers to a few versions back, might try ones that aren't the latest but are stable. prolly 90% of game problems I've ever had are something to do with graphics drivers and the latest aren't always the greatest.


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