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Thread: Demo freeze fix for me ymmv (nvidia related)

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    Default Demo freeze fix for me ymmv (nvidia related)

    Haven't seen a hardware forum/sticky yet but have been seeing some unspecified freeze posts and I'm excited mine are solved so..

    I upgraded to the lates nvidia WHQL drivers, installed the steam and the demo then had freezes at the end of the land battle tutorial on high and medium graphics settings. Have solved this by uninstalling 182.06, running a driver cleaner, installing nvidia 178.24 WHQL drivers. Now it's happy on medium at least, haven't tried high yet.

    vid card == 8800 GTS

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    Default Re: Demo freeze fix for me ymmv (nvidia related)

    I had the same problem with the 182.06 drivers. Not just with ETW demo, but other games and apps as well. I went back to the 181.22 drivers and all's good. I'm running a GTX 260 and WinXP.


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