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    In Circles I Speak

    Finally they hit it,
    Upon it my eyes stick,
    No means to celebrate,
    Cycles I’ll culminate,
    And again I’ll spurn;

    Waiting to be taken,
    To the point of my birth,
    As to find for on what
    My life I would not stake,
    Bets still to break;

    Breathing through both my eyes,
    That sky them taking in,
    All stained in dappled dyes,
    Inhaling far more than
    They can e’er take;

    Words I haven’t written,
    A song I haven’t sung,
    Did you see me sitting?
    Yes, scrawling from my pen,
    Eyes upon it again;

    And as a page I am,
    As a fuse, stories spark,
    Building a narrative,
    Until I may be read
    So I may live;

    A page I am, silent,
    Til eyes glance my way,
    All round me pages flick,
    Bound ever to grow thick,
    Each passing day;

    Words will be written,
    How the song shall be sung!
    And, yes I should be glad
    For what should, now be done
    And shall transcend;

    And on a world above,
    A world below I saw,
    What little there e’er was,
    Naught to see and to have,
    Still to be had;

    Yet only ever have
    I seen through others eyes,
    And all the words I spoke
    Were the words of others,
    Each familiar;

    Just as scribbles sent forth,
    In circles I shall speak,
    Yet, the words shall never
    Live ‘til they have been read,
    All exposed;

    Thus a reality,
    I’m to hallucinate,
    To dream amazing things
    Only to realise,
    Life was my dream.

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    And hold that everything depends upon having the “right” religion.
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