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    Default Sweden

    Sweden is one of the 12 major factions available for play.

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    Default Re: Sweden

    Just some brief impressions from my early play through on VH/VH,

    The game is set up with a "historical" diplomatic situation; i.e., the outbreak of the Great Nordic War (Russia, Poland and Denmark versus Sweden). First step is to build up the army - quickly. Then break up the alliance.

    The easiest way to do so is to attack Courland. Poland will support Courland, but Russia (occuppied with other wars), is unlikely to help. Roll over Courland (easy) and then take on Poland before the bear wakes. In my game, Poland never really got around to getting built up, with the result that they had been totally conquored by 1707. After this, you can bide your time until you are ready to take on the Russians - whom you need to beat sooner or latter.
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    Default Re: Sweden

    Now at 1750 conquered most of Poland all of Russia, Denmark, Dagestan,Crimea, Georgia and Courland now fighting the Prussians. I have been badly defeated by the Inuits
    Strategy has stated the start up so i'll go straight to what i have done.
    I used a Denmark first policy After 3-4 turns of army preparations(garrisoning Riga and Petersburg with some more units and used my armies to strike the Danes. Turn 5-6 I took both Copenhagen and Norway in a surprise attack lost the fleet however. After wards i focused on Russia. They were at war in the south so I capitalized on that and allied with the ottomans also Poland was busy fighting Prussia.
    Hod the line and proceed to a slow methodical advance through Russian and polish territory. Taking Denmark and Norway should give you the monetary muscle to field some 3 advancing armies with which you also garrison the border regions as you advance. Don't defend every town and farm just defend the region(city) let the Russian and Polish armies burn what they want focus on the advance. As i advanced i took Lithuania and Minsk from the poles and Karelia from the Russians. This with the 3 armies I mentioned also kept a sizable garrison in Riga should Courland attack. Once Moscow and Kiev fell some 5 turns later Russia was a cakewalk with one last big battle in Astrakhan the last province i took were they concentrated their army, their other army was busily burning the don region and disappeared when they fell.
    After i took Galicia Poles sued for peace and i accepted.Once this is done should be about 1720 invest in Russia heavily, convert it and build it up, once developed you'll be swimming in cash. Keep the garrisons(armies) in the border regions and the ottomans friendly usually no major will attack you at this point.
    Daghestan Crimea and Georgia did but you can handle them just keep Austria and the Ottos friendly .This isn't to hard as even with Russia not developed you should be good for a state gift from time to time also trade with them.
    As you strongly garrison some regions to keep the front build up research there so you can lead the tech race. Stealing research from German minors is quite profitable too. You should be able with 8-10 universities to stay well ahead in tech. Take Iceland when you have the time or money. The poles and Prussian might give you some trouble but usually they are fighting among themselves and with the Austrians. In my game Courland beat both Poland and Prussia destroyed the first and almost conquered Berlin till i stepped in.

    In short
    I Secure Scandinavia
    II Take out Russia
    III Hold the front in East Europe Kiev Lwow Vilnius(Minsk partially) for some 20 years to develop
    IV Develop Russia and your own territory, befriend the other major powers (Britain, Ottomans especially) so you can trade with them, research everything in the 20-25 years of peace. This should give you anything you need to do whatever you like afterward's . I'm considering invading India through Persia

    Never made a guide before hope it helps
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    Default Re: Sweden

    If you want to go to the Colonies with Sweden, the easiest way is to build (at least) two full stacks, sail them to Ceylon and South America, and declare war on Holland. Their three colonies are easy to seize if you prepare properly and they can't touch you on land in Europe. Once you have seized them all, you can make a peace agreement and you will have excellent footholds in both America and India. The Pirate faction is also a good one to take out in America.

    In my current game (1763 - 43 provinces), I took Courland + Poland (may as well do them both), followed up with Denmark and parts of Russia, before annexing parts of the Ottoman and the rest of Russia. Prussia is good to leave as long as they'll let you, since they are very belligerent and will fight other nations (keeping them occupied).
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    Default AW: Sweden

    As I see it from my Experience on H/H, there are basically two roads you can go do down as Sweden.

    First and most obvious is to follow history and head for the Great Northern War and win it. Targets are Denmark, Poland and Russia.
    The historian describes this in more detail above.

    Secondly you can do follow the path of colonial expansion. Not terribly easy because of your weak navy and hostile neighbours but doable (at least in H/H, have to try VH yet). Main targets for expansion is overseas and later than usual Denmark. It is somewhat roleplayish, at least thats how I play it (e.g. I try to get the Provinces in the very north of America instead of the Dutch ones in South America. I'm playing Sweden after all! )

    1. Make sure the Great Northern War doesn't happen
    If you want to have enough money to go overseas fast you need to stay out of any prolonged (i.e. more than a few turns) war in Europe. The only thing to do here is simple: get Poland aud Russia to like you enough not to attack you. (and later on to like you more then Denmark once you start fighting them) In my games it wasn't to difficult to achieve this, state gifts (translation?) and trade rights are the way to go. Don't give them territories though if it can be avoided in any way! Especially St. Petersbourg is far to valuable to let future communistst handle it Eventually you should try an obtain alliances with them.
    Denmark is a different story, since you'll eventually want to conquer them, don't invest to much money in diplomatics here. (Don't go to war just yet either).

    2. Initial Buildup
    Focus your research on economic growth, since the money will be used to avoid a war (against an equal opponent) anyway. Consider razing a town (in Finland for example) to erect a second school and make on of the emerging villages into a third eventually to stay ahead in the tech race.
    Tradewise you should build quite a few Eastindiamen ASAP and send them on their way. Early on the Pirate acitvity is low enough to find yourself a few spots with an unescorted trade fleet. Russia seems to crave ivory and pepper and buys lots of it via land trade. Get sea-trade agreements with whomever you please when you upgrade the trade ports, just make sure the lines won't be blocked.

    2. Expansion
    Take a look at North America. See those Inuit? Go! If invaded early enough they should have about 1 to 1,5 stacks. Take whatever you need depending on your tactical prowess (or just about 1 to 1,5 well mixed stacks for autocalc). Make sure you have ring bayonets and square formation though.
    Don't worry about a navy buildup yet, Pirates appearently dislike cold water and nobody else is at war with us!
    Next military target is the Huron Confederacy, beforehand I like to buy Rupert's Land from the Brits (Depending on relations, their well-being, your strength, etc 18000-25000 plus some techs should do the trick). The Hurons are harder then the Inuit, but managable if your not to impatient.
    If your on VERY good terms with Poland try to get Kurland declare on you and keep the Poles out -> easy grab. This eats more diplomacy money up than this single province can generate though.

    3. Denmark
    A strong navy is mandatory here. Build it to take on the Danish easily, you'll need the ships later anyway. Your (money-) lifeline goes right past their capital and you should at very least be able to avoid blockade!
    When you declare war make sure Poland and Russia don't join in or buy them out of it again (present then peace offer + money). Without their support the three Danish provinces are easy pickings, I found the fights rather easier than the Huorn conquest.

    3. Onwards
    By now you have a strong strategical, easy defendable position and pretty much a monopoly on fur trade . Options are pretty much endless, the Dutch colonies (they can't reach you in Europe) and Pirate isles are a good target, as well as the French posessions in America. India is possible, Ceylon is a very nice staging point.
    I had the VERY lucky coincidence that while I was en route to Antigua with an invasion force, my king died and the Dutch declared a succession war... their colonies were history

    Questions? Remarks? Am I all wrong?
    Have Fun building your Great Northern Empire!
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    Default Re: Sweden

    Great info.

    I am year 1732 and I have prussia and russia as my sole allies from turn 2. I have 3 universities and 3 collages at the moment. All of Poland, Lithuania, Courland as well as Denmark, Norway and Iceland are part of the great swedish empire. I attacked inuats early in the game and got screwed. I have assembled a force to retry the invasion of the north canada stopping in iceland(current positon). I also have Prussia busy with Austria, Russia with Ottomans. I have a force attacking Hannover and Cologne at war with me as well. Great relations with Austria, France,Great Britian, Martha and Ottoman. Russians love my fur. I make 12000 per turn. Way far advanced in the Philosophy, Farming & Military tech tree but not as good as Britian when it comes to the Navy.

    My plan is to take parts of north west of Canada(hopefully I will have to plan this more because if the french. I might need Britain as an ally), eliminate the dutch from Europe as I would have my borders with the dutch once I eliminate Hanover, Cologne and Saxony(Dresdon), The Dutch Colonies, Then India.

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    Default AW: Re: Sweden

    Quote Originally Posted by clikarbar View Post
    Russians love my fur. I make 12000 per turn.
    Same here. Feels weird though since after you own the canadian provinces, you the Russians are pretty much the only ones who produce fur.

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    Default Re: Sweden

    in the first few moves work on building up an army to fight the danes and try to maintain peacefull relations with the Russians
    first thing to take is Copenhagen
    when i took it i used the college to researh the next level of schools
    when i finished reseaching in that school Copenhagen spawned another scholar
    this happened 2 more times so i had 4 scholars in one school and 2 in another the research was crazy fast and i used it to ally with the russians and take out the pesky Prussians who are always one step ahead in the tech race

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    Default Re: Sweden

    I started by getting on good terms with all the European nations that were Indifferent/Friendly. I attack Courland pretty early on, and Poland declared war on me. After taking Courland, I took both parts of Prussia (I basically blitzed in the first few turns). Later (1715-1730. I don't recall at the moment) I was sending a full(ish) stack to the Americas to take out those darned Inuit when Denmark decided to throw a hissy fit and declare war on me. They were considerably weaker than me, but all of my armies were in Prussia and Courland (I was too lazy to move them) so it took me 3 turns or so to get soldiers together. Luckily Stockholm is a soldier-making beast and I was able to crank out an army (and use other troops) to take Norway and Denmark. My army that was heading to conquer the Inuit was right by Iceland, so I picked it up too. The Danish were defeated in about 7-10 turns. Of course the Polish had to also declare war, but right after I had destroyed Denmark. I blitzed Poland with all my leftover troops, taking it in 4-5 turns (Poland stayed rather weak the entire game). Since Russia and I were in cahoots, I left them alone, focusing on my trade routes and allies. Opening a route with the Maratha was profitable, and I got the Mysore as a protectorate (it cost me 2,000 gold/cash/whateveritis). I later got Morocco. And so here I am, in quite a comfortable position. I think my next move will be too take some American holdings.

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    Default Re: Sweden

    Courland and Poland are by far the easiest route for the Swedes, as I mentioned earlier.

    But going for the Inuit in America is silly. You get a poor land province which is difficult to defend (can't build troops). If you are going to America, then at the very least go for the pirate islands. Their islands can churn out troops very well. Just make sure to bring along enough ships not to get sunk before you've landed.

    The best is to do as I suggested earlier:

    Send ships + a full stack to America and India. Place them outside Ceylon and South America, and then declare war on Holland. Land your troops and conquor the Dutch provinces. Then simply pay the Dutch to end the war again (if required). These provinces are incredibly rich and provide you with a strong base for further expansion in both theatres. In addition, they will often already be fully built up.
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    Default Re: Sweden

    Felt obliged to write up a summary of my successful campaign so far. I'm just about to enter the 1730's, supreme ruler of Europe, only Britain (by my good will, and some of the Italian states left besides the territories owned by The Ottomans, Barbary states and Morrocco, and raking in 250k/turn, at least! Have a few territories in mid/south America and Ceylon and Goa Goa in India.

    I've systematically outmanouvered the other countries by hitting them where it hurts them the most before taking them out completely. In my game only Spain, Mughals, GB and the Ottomans remain of the big 12.

    Only a few techs remain until I've covered them all, suppose I teched out in about 10-15 years or so.

    I play on H/H btw.

    The key factors to my success is having good relations with those who can help you earn money! Started out with trade agreements with GB and France, but try to secure agreements with the Mughals, Marathans and Ottomans asp! Later on I added the Savoy and Italian States also. Trading with those and you're pretty much set for the rest of the game! Build up your economy, secure your border territories and pretty much wait for the inevitable DOW from either Courland, Poland, Russia or Denmark. No matter who starts the war, just make sure you make them pay quickly! Take out Denmark (leave Iceland for later) and Courland, then go for the master kill, Moscow! When the opportunity arise, take a full stack and take Moscow with a force based in Ingria. It'll be a huge blow for the Russians, who pretty much never recovered after that. I sued for peace immediately after and got it, free and all. Loosing their capital must've hurt, alot! Moscow is a very rich territory and you can use it for almost everything. Then leave the Russians alone for a while when you concentrate on western and central Europe. They stay hostile, but never attacked me again.

    Thereafter I concentrated on the poles, leaving the prussians for now. When the poles are gone or weakend enough, take out the prussians. Making sure they both don't get much seatrade weakens them alot. After that you can go wherever you want. I took out the Austrians and a few of the single territory states. At the same time I went to the Americas, took out the pirates in a quick succession and got two moneymaking ports that way. Then I went for the dutch, destroying the Dutch in Europe made their colonies rebel and form pirate states and such, take their land immediately before they have a chance to build up. Also Ceylon in India become available that way. Around now I saw an opportunity to take out Portugal, and don't forget their province Goa Goa! Lately I've finally taken out Russia. I'm about to eliminate Spain and then maybe go for some of the big ones left in the game, or maybe conquer America?

    Make sure you have money coming and spend it wisely! Build tradeports whenever possible, I did leave the fishermen in Visby in the beginning (for the food and population), but everywhere else I built tradeports. Upgrade all your farms, smiths, mines, furtrade and such when available. Send out a few Indiamen also, I got lucky and got 2-3 spots around the world making me good money in the end of the first decade. Economy is key! Without it you cannot support the armies you need. Don't piss of the big seafaring countries, you cannot have them blockade your trade! At least not the first two decades. Keep them happy with gifts or whatever, make sure you know who's allied to who before getting into war. Only declare war on countries you know won't be able to hurt you, including allies. To make some more money you can offer some countries to be your protectorate. I found that many obliged with only a 1-2k offered. I got Hannover (whom I betrayed later on...), Mysore (whom I left for themselves against the Mughals...) Italian states and the Savoy to become my protectorates. Later on I added the Inuits and some of the indian tribes in America aswell. If you happen to involve some of the seafaring nations in a war, quickly pay them off! Their navy cuts of almost all trade otherwise leaving you with empty pockets and a huge army to support. If at war for a single or a few turns with those, try pick off some of their tradezone ships and claim the zones for yourself before suing for peace! Will net you a nice profit in the long run.

    About teching, build several classic universities and put all your gentleman in them, worked wonders for me at least! Keep the enligthenment to a minimum at first, later on it doesn't matter. My monarchy is very strong with almost all the time a 65% approval from my population.

    That's pretty much it so far. I'll be happy to answer any questions if anyone have any.

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    Default Re: Sweden

    Played Sweden on H/H, my first go, a short campaign.

    I just tried to figure out what to do, and developed my economy until the Danes declared war a few years in, so I wiped them out except for Iceland. Took out the small German states, what was left of Austria, consolidated, then Poland, took Moscow and Kiev, and got peace with Russia. I consolidated and then went for Prussia to get the provinces needed to the rapidly approaching time limit. I didn't have much trade for most of the game, just lived off tax. Had a tiny navy (at the end, I think I had about 6 ships), and a massive army.

    Nearly wasn't able to finish the game, as I got the greyed out end turn button problem (reloaded 6+ times), and a few CTDs near the end.
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    Default Re: Sweden

    Hey, just thought I share the guide I wrote on Sweden over on the official boards.

    I see that the other guide is already mentioned in the Table of Contents thread, cool. :)

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    Default Re: Sweden

    Could be useful if I actually provided the link too. Doh.
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