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Thread: ETW special forces installation problem-

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    Default ETW special forces installation problem-

    Brought the boxed special forces edition, but couldn't install as Steam server said itwas busy all the time, the problem of course is that there are two key codes, one for regular ETW and one to activate the special forces.

    I had raced back from the shop to my computer whacked in the disc and entered the first code I found....

    Of course I had entered the Special Forces keycode 3 times before I realized there might something I missed.
    As I don't think these Special Forces(SF) have been activated at Steam as yet , you can't install with SF keycode {or maybe you have to install ETW regular first}. anyways....

    Make sure if you have the Special Forces edition you use the main keycode for ETW regular.
    Mine is installing perfectly as I write
    It would be nice if someone from Steam/Sega/CA etc could confirm this .

    BTW I'm all in favour of safe antipirating measures like Steam as I know it will lead to better games in the long run.
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    Default Re: ETW special forces installation problem-

    Alright, the activation was staggered, however, I see you are from sydney, so its ok.

    On the back of the Manual, is the code to install the game.

    The little piece of paper you get that show you the Special Forces units, has a code which you enter AFTER installing Empire: Total War. It simply unlocks them for you.

    Instructions are even on the piece of paper.
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    Default Re: ETW special forces installation problem-

    God thank you Razor, i could kiss you! ETW installing now!


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