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    I searched for a similar topic, but found none.

    I was wondering if, in Empire: Total War, you could send assassins (or rakes) after your own agents and generals, like in Medieval: Total War. I was disappointed we could not do that in Medieval 2: Total war to get rid of poor agents.

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    pretty sure u can just disban/demote bad generals, makes sense seeing as u can just buy them. as for crappy agents who cares even crappy agents still do a job :)
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    Well, in M2:TW, some agents are limited to the number of buildings. So it sucks to have poor merchants or priests whom you cannot eliminate to make way for better agents.

    Anyway, thanks for answering.

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    It wouldn't be very wise eliminating your own agents in ETW, given that they spawn from buildings in very small numbers. You would have a hard time replacing them.

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