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Thread: Capturing Cannons/Missing Features

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    Default Capturing Cannons/Missing Features

    One feature of E:TW is missing. You should be able to capture your enemies cannons, after you rout the crews. This was done throughout this time period. Seems like a simple feature that got overlooked.

    Any features of 18th century combat you feel got overlooked?


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    Default Re: Capturing Cannons/Missing Features

    This was discussed here a few months ago and IIRC the prevailing opinion seemed to be that while cannons often were captured, the use to which they could then be put was limited because ammunition was not standardized between nations, so the gun could only be used if its ammunition was captured along with it. Thus capturing cannons was more a matter of prestige, like capturing a standard (aside of course from the obvious benefit of denying their use to the enemy).


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