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Thread: History and story telling

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    Default History and story telling
    It's ETW related, but I thought the article as a whole can be interpeted to apply to other games as well. I was wondering what are everyone elses opinions about the subject?

    Does Creative Assembly have a responsibility to historical truth to correct or guide me to any particular conclusion? If I command the Wermacht in a game of Company of Heroes, am I required to understand that I am fighting for the regime that perpetrated the Holocaust?
    I'm sure that quote alone will get some responses.

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    Default Re: History and story telling

    He reaches the right kind of solution near the end, we'll always be creating our own alternate history, but he ought to have stuck to that.....the question if a player ought to have the power to do so or not, seems kind of out of place.....we're talking about games here. games are played for fun. Like he says, if someone is learning, it's an added bonus, but if someone is learning nothing and just having fun playing, that's all right too I think.

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