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The town of Inishmore, just off the west coast of Ireland is a peaceful town. There is only the ferry in and out of the island it is on. For many years the peace loving Irish that reside there knew only happiness. Until the English. It is 1903, many Irish patriots are sick of the United Kingdom. They wish for a free Ireland, an Irish Republic. These "patriots" begin attacks on anything british. Many suspect they just enjoy the killing and destruction. The IRA (Irish Republic Army) is but a small group, but a feared one. The town of Inishmore was reported to be its headquarters, so the English have sent some "peace keepers" onto the Island, sealing it. The government brands the IRA as terrorists and begins to hunt them down.

The stage is set.
Hey people of the Parliament!

If you are looking for some fun, come by the gameroom and join the latest large mafia game! Its a simple one, so new players are definately welcome. Many patrons here play mafia, its a lot of fun and a great way to meet new orgahs!


Just post letting me know you are in!

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