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    I am getting increasingly annoyed with the game. For instance I build second stage stables so you would assume I would be able to build second stage cavlery ie Knights but NO on the unit build page everything of any use is greyed out and says not available for 9 turns and this is every turn!

    Please stop me from uninstalling this beutiful game and point me in the right direction.

    Thankyou in advance for your time and help

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    That's because when installing the latest patch you selected Real-Recruitment or something like it. I play stainless steel without this option.

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    Cheers FB, is this something I can adjust?

    Can I adjust this on a new game?

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    What I did was reinstal the 6.1 patch and not select the grim reality option. Every game I've started after that had the normal recruitment. Don't know about ongoing games though.

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    from what I know you have to reinstall 6.1 and make sure you don't add Real Recruitment. I also left Byg's Grim Reallity out too. After Deus Lo Vult I just wanted a more simpler enjoyable game. And thats what I got.
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