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Thread: Alexandria Battle Map bug - very strange

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    Default Alexandria Battle Map bug - very strange

    I attacked the city from the east as Arche Seleucia, but upon entering the battle map with 4 ladders, it became clear this was no ordinary battle! If you look at the battle map below, you can see that I could deploy my troops inside the city walls - even on the square if I wanted.

    Also, you can see that there were buildings on the square (screenshot below). I've not seen anything like this before, it wasn't a massive problem - quite entertaining actually, but thought it's worth reporting.

    This was on EB 1.2 with ALEX.exe
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    Default Re: Alexandria Battle Map bug - very strange

    you should check the 1.1 alexandreia bug also methinks same problem....
    1.1 had a temporary fix that was for only one battle after you finished the battle map you would change the file with the previous one..

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    Default Re: Alexandria Battle Map bug - very strange

    Yes, Alexandria is bugged. With no mapper, we can't fix this.

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    Default Re: Alexandria Battle Map bug - very strange

    The temp fix was for the occasion you would attack from the West rather than the East where you'd get a CTD, I think. This one is, I guess, a byproduct because it didn't use to happen before; first time we encountered it was when I reported that bug during the beta stage of 1.2?

    Just roleplay that you're in for a city fight after a hard time securing some of the battlements.
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    Default AW: Alexandria Battle Map bug - very strange


    I had an Alexandria battle two days ago as defender. What was strange was that

    1. There are patches of blue sky on the ground in the walls area.
    2. Towards the eastern gate, there is an area where a ground texture is floating in ca. 1,5m height.
    3. The whole city is relocated towards the northeast of the map.
    4. The overall ground layout doesn't correspond with the buildings, the ground textures indicate that the city should lie even more towards the north, so that the walls would probably directly touch the Pharos building.

    That is with 1.1 though. Only wanted to report.


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