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Thread: Scenario Battles Competition Rules

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    Default Scenario Battles Competition Rules

    The Scenario Battles Competition is an Org sponsored monthly Single Player contest, for the best individual scores in a Scenario Battle. Any Org member can submit as many entries as they wish during the contest month. These will be compared after the end of the month for our contest winner.

    Every member contributing an entry will receive and Org badge. This will be a one time “Scenario Battles Participation Badge”, for the year. Every year the badge colors change and any contributors for that year will again receive an additional participation badge for that year.

    All entries being collected, the winner is selected by the following elimination process.

    1. Must be a winning game for the entrant.

    2. If equal; must have the highest number of Enemy Losses

    3. If equal; must have the least number of Player Losses

    4. If equal; tied for Champion status.

    Champions receive an additional Org badge (dual sabers), for the year again. Additional wins will receive name recognition on the forum, but no more badges until next year.

    Please Note: This is a serious competition to the Org members involved, and any attempts to defraud the judging of this contest will be met with serious consequences.

    May the best Generals and Admirals win!

    Good Luck and Have Fun Everyone!

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