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    From the trait "steady under fire":

    "Say, those chaps over there mean to kill us! What absolute rotters! Shall we have at them?"

    Post here all funny quotations, easter eggs, etc.!

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    A message in the GB campaign, about 1725, "Severed head"... oh god...
    Being better than the worst does not inherently make you good. But being better than the rest lets you brag.

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    When putting a unit into guard mode: "You shall not pass...!"


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    the mad cow trait, i dunno which of my peoples has it if i can find it ill SS it heheheh

    edit - watching guys try and board and jumping clean over the ship they are attempting to board and drowning

    - my first fort battle, garrisoning my units inside the forts buildings and mowing down the enemy general

    - blowing up a building full of peasant militia :D
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    Killing the enemy general with the first artillery barrage. That's a good start...

    Some funny quotes on loading screens. That US general who said "They can't hit an elephant at this range" before being shot by a sniper, teehee.

    In a "so incredibly stupid I'm not sure whether to laugh or to cry" way: of my 12 guns (on fire at will), half decided to shoot at the enemy about to engage my flank. So, guess what, they just turned facing the right flank so that their barrels were lined up, and... uh, that was a method of suicide I haven't seen before
    If I was my general, I'd shoot myself after seeing that.


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