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    Hi everyone ,

    Can I first just say that I am really enjoying Empire. IMHO it's a breath of fresh air for the Total War series. Something has niggled at me a bit though, just wondered if anyone else had noticed. I first played through Road to Independence, which I've enjoyed. In the second episode (French Indian War) the battle maps are great, with cliffs, forests, plateaus, rivers and choke points and such... they were great. But it seems that post the French Indian War episode, all battles are conducted in undulating fields. I'm not having a huge dig... they're still brilliant fun... but the maps in Ep 2 really gave the battles an extra layer for me... and it just strikes me a bit odd they didn't bother to include them in the battle map rotation for the GC, or if they have I haven't found them yet.


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    Welcome aboard Pins!

    From what we have been lead to understand the battle maps are all taken from the location where the battles are taking place…Google Earth style.

    So where you are on earth is where you fight the battle.

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    So, play as France, as Europa tends to be rather flat. Except in the alps...
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