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Thread: AI Diplomats Set in Their Ways?

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    Default AI Diplomats Set in Their Ways?

    Just some observations . . . but from three play throughs of the Grand campaign though the 1720s:

    -Sweden Always declares war in Prussia, even though Prussia is generally more or less antagonistic towards Swedens Great Northenr War enemies

    -Austria and Prussia always get into it, despite being more or less friends with the same people.

    -No War of Spanish Succession or the like. Spain eventually attacks Portugal, but that is about it. France could seem to care less about the Contienent.

    -Maybe its because France is too busy trading its Caribbean possessions for New England (and the Thirteen Colonies are happy to oblige)?

    But that leads to a couple of questions?

    -Any way, as England, to discourage the Thirteen colonies from trading themselves away?

    -How do you get your Allies to agree to a peace, and avoid the three (or four, or five) way wars that seem to happen all to frequently.
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    Default Re: AI Diplomats Set in Their Ways?

    I notice that Georgia and Dagistan almost always seem to attack the player. Both as Georgia and the Ottomans, they've attacked me and refused to make peace, even on good terms for them, despite the fact that I constantly crush their armies.
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