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Thread: Crashing On Preset Battles

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    Default Crashing On Preset Battles

    Anyone else crashing when they play the preset battles?

    Every time I play a naval battle that's preset it crashes about 15 minutes into the battle.


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    Default Re: Crashing On Preset Battles

    I seem to have figured out the problem. The game is NOT alt tab friendly. It's best to just have Steam running in the background and nothing else.

    I'm on Vista 32-bit. No other games of mine have any issues with alt-tab.

    Someone should look into this. I've tested it thoroughly.


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    Default Re: Crashing On Preset Battles

    You generally aren't supposed to alt-tab out of any full-screen game.
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    Default Re: Crashing On Preset Battles

    Quote Originally Posted by A Very Super Market View Post
    You generally aren't supposed to alt-tab out of any full-screen game.
    I second this, I have always always had problems alt+tabbing from full screen games with every computer I ever owned.

    If you are a messenger-o'holic or doing other things at the same time, you put the game in windowed mode.

    The fact you are alt+tabbing in a middle of a battle makes it worse. The system is devoting all it's resources into the application, then when you alt+tab, you are forcing all those resources from the game onto other things and the games wants/them needs them, especially with slower/lower end/older computers, this causes the computer to lag like crazy and can cause them to crash.

    Only problem-free experiences come from windowed mode.
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    Default Re: Crashing On Preset Battles

    I've just never had a problem alt-tabbing out of a game with my PC before.

    It's no big deal - I just won't do it with this game...but my experience in the past is that it's never caused me any problems.


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