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Thread: The New Holy Roman Empire (A Austria AAR for ETW)

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    Default The New Holy Roman Empire (A Austria AAR for ETW)

    The following letters, diaries, journals, correspondences and treasury notes I have gathered over the years. Now that I look back, at the power we have become, I feel it necessary for prosperity to take account of what was, and what may be. It is said the victor's of war write the history, and so before I begin in the writing, I feel I must reread the telling. From all sides, from all accounts, and so it might be known that the New Holy Roman Empire once started as little more then five bickering provinces near the Ottoman border under King Leopold II.

    Part 1: The Krieg Nacht (The night of war)

    (A letter from the Military Advisor Heinrich to his Majesty King Leopold II. 1700)

    Dear Sir,

    You have asked me to review the state of our military affairs in recent light. I must say that despite the tasks before the other ministers I feel none is perhaps as troublesome as my own affair. Even though I am commended by my fellows, our situation has never been weaker.

    Our recent truce with the Ottomans has only reaffirmed what mainland Europe believes, that the days of Catholic power is at an end. Our military technology is woefully behind, our armies small, and our navies non existent. I fear our choices of Diplomacy will be frightful at best. England and the United Provinces our long allies are both to strong but France and Spain wear a deep hatred of us.

    Yet more then Ottomans, more then the Russians, more then even the French, I say our chief fear remains the German States. The loyalty there has waned greatly. If not given some show of force I fear they shall turn upon us and each other and rip apart the Rhineland. I know several of them have already allied with the other great nations but we must be careful. Our strike against any of them will no doubt be met with equal wraith in turn.

    Yours humbly
    Minister Heinreich

    ((A letter from the Prince to King Leopold, Summer 1701))


    I must confess mixed emotions on this night as we go to war against our own people. Bavaria's protectorate status was a welcome relief, as was Württemberg's. Yet I can't help but wonder if such wars could have been avoided if we had not waited for Saxony and Hanover to follow suit. Perhaps a military show against the Ottomans, our true foes would have united us rather then divided us.

    To forget the bloodshed, the travesty of Constantinople is a shame at the least and a crime at the worst. Rome may no longer hold the power it once did but to let these…people…banter about the Byzantine Empire is a horror to much to bear at times.

    How I long to see Vienna once more, to see the new buildings, and farms rising in the distance.

    I draw my sword now for Austria, for our family, and for the bloodshed to come I ask the Holy Father's blessing in this endeavor.

    ((A letter from the Prince to King Leopold, Winter 1701))


    It is cold, it bites upon the winds. Saxony has fallen. Our own losses were minimal at best. Saxony never saw it coming. Yet as the snow now falls I see the eyes father. The eyes of the men who fell beneath our muskets and cannon fire. So hollow, I yearn for them to shut. Perhaps it has been to long since I have been in war.

    The men call me great, but this was not the test of a Great Commander. Yet the world turns father. The other nations now know what we are, and what we are capable of. I am not sure if this has made us weaker or stronger in the end.

    My ink grows frozen...

    (A journal entry from a ship's captain, on a summer eve of 1702)

    Madness, it is sheer and utter madness.....

    To sail to the end of the some place known only as Brazil. One might as well try to sail the thread of a needle through a stack of hay. It is beyond the very borders of the map, beyond where England, France, and even Spain have dared to tread. Yet I, the son of a carpenter and merchant no less, am to sail a single ship the length of this distance. Not only to discover it....nooooo Sir...that would be to easy....I am to set up a


    As if I need merely stop my boat in anchor and sit as the locals bring up lamas or some other rare item. Oh this is madness I say....utter madness....

    (A letter from the King of Poland to King of Austria, only the second page of transgressions letter remains 1704.)


    This is not just about the travesty of your troops along our border, nor your brash attitude towards Prussia. This is about the world, the world that was and the world that is. I would hope a man of your considerable backround would have understood such things.

    Nay, though, you lack the understanding and fortitude of such a man. Your father never in his life would have not only sent out threats and protectorate treaties. As if you are some child desperate for wealth not earned or gained through self achievement. He also though would have not marched his army and take a nation's very soverignty from beneath it.

    Saxony was a nations, sir. A nation of ideals, a nation of principle. A nation of faith. You killed your very own countrymen and men of faith over nothing more then a Flag.

    This will not stand. It is no longer about the Holy Roman Empire, as you still like to call it, or youself as the Holy Roman Emperor as you still title yourself. This matter is above that, and do not break it into a matter of faith and gods. We have heard such weak and debased lectures from your priests regarding the recent stolen technology from Russia.

    The age of catholic power is over, the age of new world orders, of new nations is at hand.

    My troops already ravage your farms, and burn your towns to cinder. You will learn your place in this new world. Even if it has to be shown to you by Polish cannons.


    Part 2: The fall Prussia, the fall of Wutemburg, Poland, and the Rise of Lithuania

    ((A letter from the Diplomatic Minister to King Leopold 1705.))

    I must protest, rather adamantly I must admit, to this war between us and the great nation of Poland-Lithuania. We have already soured our relations with other great nations, but surely peace can be reached. Even the Polish king himself wishes for peace after the recent defeat of his armies in Austrian lands. The polish people have nod desire to be ruled by an Austrian King.

    Let us put down the sword, and turn our intention to matters in the inner Rhineland. If we do not I warn you that Poland has many friends, none of whom shall forget what we do here today. I have heard of our troops, led by the prince moving to Warsaw. I have heard of our new Carbines shooting down peasant and soldier alike all throughout Poland. Even the rumors from our Rake, regarding the poor number of troops in the city of Warsaw itself are woefully worrisome.

    Russia has demanded our withdrawal, Prussia has mounted it's armies on our very borders. Even Venice grows in power day by day. These splinters will soon become infections in our mighty empire if left to fester. Yet we are not securing our relations with England, or France, or even the Dutch who I must admit are quite strong in recent years.

    Rather you have me sending horses to India to appease a foreign queen, who rumor has it feeds her prisoners to Tigers. Tigers, milord, Tigers.

    We are more then appreciative of her ample trade routes, full bodied fleet, and alluring foreign holdings. Yet to cast our lot in with this power is to turn our back upon the very foreign world powers that we seek to become.

    I remain, forever humbly, your minister of diplomatic affairs,

    ((A letter from the Prince to the King from Warsaw, Winter, 1707.))


    The spies are everywhere. Polish gentlemen at every turn, curious figures behind every shadow. Already I lost two of our own educated elite trying to get this missive to you.

    Warsaw has fallen, and my general to the north has informed through dispatches that Poland's northern province, which seperates Prussia from itself, has also fallen. The dispatches were short. We are short of men, short of food, short of supplies. This cold never seems to end. Father do not let the reports fool you, we lost many men to polish cannon fire. Many good men.

    I have taken on a wagon master into my close confidence. His knowledge of inner roads and formation movements through snows of Prussia and Poland have proved invaluable and I feel he will remain a boon companion for many years to come. His spirits lift me.

    I have informed the general to move on the last Prussian outpost. Though I feel by the time we reach it Prussia will have already taken Courland to the north. Poland has little left, and I welcomed or sucess in Wurtemburg. Our nation is beginning to take shape, a true empire father.

    Yet I must say father while the lands of the new world offer new promise, the lands of the old are still the blood soaked lands we fought for so many years before. I only hope we can keep them.

    ((A letter from the Minister of Security to the Prince, Summer 1708))

    ....You must return...urgently....Venice has attacked....

    Our ports in Crotia and Vienna have fallen, our navy has been sunk. Our army defeated in the field. Now they march to our capital. Your father grows ill...the nation grows worrisome....return as fast as you can...

    ((A speech given by a radical polish gentlemen, Warsaw, Summer 1708))

    Ladies and Gentlemen, please, I thank you for coming, sit please,

    I know the injustices we have beared are many, that the war against Austria has cost us family, friends, and indeed our very homes. We lost such things defending another nation, a humble small province who wished only to trade. Only to prosper as other nations had. To learn the very ideals that set us apart as men, as countrymen.

    I also know that you have heard the words of our new....emperor. He has told you about the peace between Poland and Austria. The way in which it was a gentlemen's accord. I say it was not. Our lands were savaged of the resources, the very treaty itself, a vieled threat for our technology. Everything that made us a nation taken. Now, Lithuania begs at Austria's doorstep for Poland, willing to give the little it has left to be whole once more.

    I say that they do not need beg. That they need not be the ones forced to grovel. Are we not a people of our own? Do we not have the right to bear our arms up and fight our opressors? Then rise up with me. Join me in the fight. Today we take back Poland, today we show Austria they do not rule the world.....

    The start of a Empire

    ((1710, a journal entry of one wagon master. A close companion to the prince.))

    I'm a simple man, never thought I had a place doing anything that didn't belong right, or feel right. A man who knows where to go and how to get there. It's not a easy thing and not a simple thing. It is a thing that needs doing though, and I reckon I am the man to do it.

    I never had much of a education, father drove wagons for Poland, I drove em for Austria. It's a useful trade, pay's good, works good, and I am a man of the open lands.

    A storm's brewing, and I'm not talkin about the weather. I never saw these numbers before, and regardless of what's spoken I can't believe this many men are needed to take some Italian city state.

    Still I'll just best keep my mouth shut and keep the wagons moving. It'll be what it may.

    ((1712, a letter from the prince to King Leopold.))


    I write you bearing good tidings. The lord be praised for he has granted us victory in this troublesome hour. Through divine providence we have once more secured not only our birth right but our divine right to rule. Indeed father I now feel it is not just our duty, but our very obligation to stop the bickering and arguments that have plauged our lands for generations. It makes what I ask you next even harder, as I know our wars thus far have been matters of defense, and matters of the Hapsburg Dynasty. Yet I feel father, that there is another mandate we hold, to drive back the Ottomans, to claim the Eastern Roman empire once more.

    It is true we did come to peace with the Ottomans. Where has that led us? They pirate our trade routes, aid pirating empires, and place armies and forts upon our borders. The heathen must be stopped father, they must be stopped.

    Thanks to the father almighty we now hold Greece, a small piece. Let it not be a end to Venice, but let it be the start of war to drive back the heretics, and once more purify our lands in god's holy light.

    Give my sister my best regards, I hear she is becoming quite the little politican.

    ((A letter from the Sultan to King Leopold))

    My Sultan bids you greetings Sadeek,

    Your empire has flourished, your lands have become ripe with the conquests of other lands. You know this is so...and yet you forget yourself. You forget that it is not through military might, but through holy might that one gains lands. It is upon such a matter my Sultan wishes to discuss.

    I am instructed by his majesty to ask you for the lands of Crotia, in return for a small financal matter.

    Do not be to quick to reject, lest you incur my Sultan's wraith.

    It is not your land, it is ours, and god knows this, and god wills this.

    ((This thread will be edited as I add more to it, feel free to leave comments below. This is my first AAR, so constructive criticism and praise only please :). Don't blame me about changing font color, it makes it easier to keep track :)))
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    Default Re: The New Holy Roman Empire (A Austria AAR for ETW)

    Very nice start Polemists, welcome to the Mead Hall!

    I see you chose the historical letter format for your AAR, when doing so try to remember that you must convey not only a tone of speech but also a "tone of writing" for the different men who are putting pen to paper. It's probably one of the tougher styles, but one of the more interesting

    Looking forward to more.
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    Default Re: The New Holy Roman Empire (A Austria AAR for ETW)

    Thanks. I'm not immensely good at different writing formats as shown above.

    It is much easier for me to think about a context of speech then a contex of writing. I am a firm believer though in one becomes better through doing.

    Personal touches can be added, flourishes can be given ,and I can change tone slightly.

    However actually using a completely different vocabulary is rather difficult. I'll try to use more thesarus though when using higher intellect members, Ministers, etc, and lower scaled ones when doing soldiers, grunts etc.

    One of the comments I would like to convey and not sure how i'll do this yet though, is that this is the time frame in which laungage starts to become universal. Before this everyone spoke something different there was very little effort to learn the laungages of other cutlures. Schools had not taught anything beyond latin since the fall of Rome. Only in this period does English and French start being taught in colonies and abroad to various cultures.

    I'll see how it evolves. At the moment I am trying to ponder ways to use a proper vocabulary for slavic/polish and russian rebels.

    Thanks for the comment :)
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    Thumbs up Re: The New Holy Roman Empire (A Austria AAR for ETW)

    Well done, Polemists! Many of these letters are so enchanting as to make my imagination picture the very events themselves.

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    Default Re: The New Holy Roman Empire (A Austria AAR for ETW)

    Still writing in this when I can :).

    Though my save games got deleted I was up to 1763 when they were so there's a fair bit of story to tell :).

    In a polish game at moment but probably won't do a write up for them. Maybe another faction will intruge me enough for a write up. France or Spain maybe.


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