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Thread: Iphikratous/Misthophoroi I. inconsistency

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    Default Iphikratous/Misthophoroi I. inconsistency

    Iphikratous Hoplitai are hardy, but Misthophoroi Iphikratous Hoplitai are very_hardy.
    All other stats, including upkeep, seem to be identical.

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    Default Re: Iphikratous/Misthophoroi I. inconsistency

    Iphikrates did have some great escapades as a Merc. general, and gained accolades for that. However, he was equally harsh with his own troops (non merc) including executing some of his fellow Athenians when he found one sleeping on the watch. This led to revolt of his troops at 369 BCE and the failure of his campaign. (Xenophon, Hellenica 6.5.49, Diodoros 15.63.2). That would signify that historically he was a better merc commander than one of his own troops.

    I think this detail is correct. For its time, as bovi correctly suggests in the post beneath mine.

    It is interesting that while Iphikrates' campaign in Korkyra and Akarnania is praised by Xenophon, his next campaign in 369 BC, when he commanded the full Athenian citizen army, is denigrated. The troops argued with their general, and the expedition proved a fiasco. Iphikrates may have been less than impressed with the Athenian citizen troops he led on this occasion.
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    Default Re: Iphikratous/Misthophoroi I. inconsistency

    So we discussed this internally and came to the conclusion that there is no reason for a long-dead commander's charisma and control of his troops to factor into the units in our timeframe. Thanks for reporting, the mercs will have reduced their stamina to hardy like their non-merc brethen in the next version.

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