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Thread: a little battle AAR

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    Default a little battle AAR

    bored right now, so i thought i would do a small AAR on one of my battles i did.
    EDIT: sorry, no pics- forgot to turn on FRAPS and xfire wasnt on at the time.
    winter, 1709, as Prussia.
    an army of Corland (or w/e that nation is called) advances against East Prussia. they appear at the border, and i send my meager army to confront them.

    i have 2 demi-cannons, 3 line infantry, 2 militia, 1 general, and 1 unit of horse.
    the enemy had 5 units of line, 2 militia, 4 cavalry units.

    the battlefield is in my advantage. i am on a hill overlooking the Corland infantry.
    i send my cannons to the ridge, with my cavalry guarding the flanks. line infantry and militia in the center, mid-way down the hill.

    the 2 units of light cavalry begin to charge at my lines. seeing them on the way, i tell my men to get into square formation. how convenient that i just finished researching that...
    the enemy cavalry tries to stop and flee, but its too late. volleys of musket fire rip into them, making them flee for their lives.

    then i notice the other two cavalry units flanking me. i send everything i have at them.
    one of my cannons are destroyed, but i chase off the enemy cavalry. now i must deal with the enemy infantry, who are out of range of my cannons and are massed behind a few walls.
    i send my militias to the side and my line infantry to the center. something is mixed up and now it is 2 line infantry and 1 militia unit in the center, and 1 militia and 1 line infantry unit on the sides. my center units position behind a wall, and i send my other units to each side.
    the enemy infantry are now in a kill zone.

    my militia and line infantry on the sides tear into them, taking many enemies. but my musket fire from the front has no effect.
    i tell my side units to cease fire.

    my center fixes their bayonets.

    they charge, leap over the wall, and fight. to the death. its a hard fight, and my men are losing. i send in my extra line unit, which were idle until then.

    the soldiers that fight in the name of Corland begin to waver. seeing that they are wavering but not breaking, i send the extra militia unit to the rear of the enemy, and they pour in the lead, taking some of Prussia's finest, but many more of their troops.
    it works, and they flee. few survive.

    East Prussia is saved from the wrath of Corland.


    i will be doing these small AARs from time to time, when i fight really good battles.
    ask me any question you like, about my campaign or whatnot.
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