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Thread: my dumb questions

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    Got some dumb questions over these days, but I still want to ask

    (1) How do I check the religions status of the province?
    Are they by-default buddists? Or some are buddists, some are atheists?
    I know the proportion of Christians will show.

    (2) Is there any way to know the morale of enemy troops?

    (3) Is the woman in throne room a geisha?
    Does she response to any clicks, like my humble advisor on the left?

    (4) Whenever I exit the strategy map saving the game, all the emmisary and ninja assignment disappeared. Is there a patch fixing this problem?

    (5) Anybody found the pre-set formations of "Center defensive, right-hand skirmish...etc." any useful?

    (6) When I merge two units with few men, and unit with fewer men happens to be my nice-ranked Taisho's,
    the general just disappears! Is there anyway to fix that instead of fight an auto-resolves?


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    Well, just what i know (i am an extreme newbie):

    (1) I think they're default Buddhists, although i'm sure there's some atheists in there somewhere.

    (2) Not AFAIK.

    (3) Yes, she is, and no, she doesn't do anything that i can tel... although i swera i can see her moving just a bit when i click on her...

    (4) Dunno about this. i usually save at the very beginning of turns.

    (5) I like to set each individual unit the way i want, and tend to order them all myself, although i assume these formations give some sort of bonuses by virtue of the way guys are positioned (close proximity for anti-rout, etc.). Not sure tho.

    (6) I've never seen this... i usually don't combine units, either.

    LOL, i just realized how very little this must help you. Like i said, i'm a newbie!

    "You have offended my family, and you have offended a Shaolin temple."
    "You have offended my family, and you have offended a Shaolin temple."

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    Here are my dumb answers:
    1. Later in the game, when you click on a province. It will tell you the percentage Christian, etc.

    2. No.

    3. The Geisha does nothing. Very sad.

    4. Download patch 1.12 and see what this does for you. If that is not anything, wait until patch 1.13 due out soon.

    5. Depends from person to person.

    6. Not quite sure what you're talking about.

    Hmm...I left question 2 out.

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    I'll take a shot at your questions.

    1. You start the game as atheist. You switch to buddist once you begin building a temple. You switch to Christian when you begin building a trading post. You can check your own status by right clicking a saved game or auto save at the Load Game screen.

    2. Nope. Another annoying thing is not knowing what you are up against on the battle map. I had honor 5 monks get killed by honor 3 monks last night, only to find out after the battle that the enemy monks had an attack bonus. Maybe even a moral bonus. We fought on a bridge, so the odds were otherwise even.

    3. Nope. It's been posted before that the geisha should either be able to kill enemy emmisaries in the Thrown Room, or do a striptease.

    4. The "Save Game Bug." Not only do your Ninjas and Emmisaries lose their assignment, but if you were going to assault a castle, you have to drop the attacking army on it again. It is so easy to forget.

    5. The only decent formations are those offered to you at the begining. I prefer Yoke myself, but I sometime use Birds to spread out. You have to group your men when in formation to get any real value out of it. Grouped formations maintain their morale better, and seem to tire less easily.

    6. You have to drop the non-general or non-upgraded unit onto the general or upgraded unit to keep the benefits. Honor is tracked by individual soldier.

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    Geez, everyone has their own answers in here!

    1) You as the daimyo start off atheist, and switch to buddist/christian depending on the types of buildings you make. I think your people are assumed to be either buddhist or christian, and it will show you the percent Christian, if there is any.

    2) No. What sometimes works - watch his men as individuals. When fully engaged, if they hang back rather than seeking new opponents, then they are "wavering" and may be routable. "Steady" troops will immediately charge back in when their opponent falls, looking for fresh blood.

    3) I think soly may have a screenshot of her in action somewhere...

    4) I don't think that will happen if you Quick-Save (CTRL + S). It'll save your game without dropping out of the strategy map.

    5) Yes, depending on what you want to do, and what kind of army you have.

    6) The game will still keep track of who the general is, it just loses the little star on his icon. Take a peek at him next season, or right-click on the army, and it'll show that he's still in charge. Minor graphical glitch.

    Hope this helps! Have fun!

    -- B)

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    When you merge 2 units, one of them being your Taisho he will disappear.

    If you have not patched he can disappear permanently. Particularly bad if he's an heir.

    If you have patch 1.12 then don't worry he is still there and will magicaly reappear. Alternatively you can take the unit he disappeared from out of the army and then place it back in again. This will make him reappear instantly.


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