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    technical luddite seeking wisdom here,when doing your buildings are you reskinning vanilla models or are they built from the ground up?and i assume your using photoshop and 3ds or similar?

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    Build from the ground up :) Using 3dsmax for the models and Photoshop for the textures.

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    thanks for your quick you have to use the settlement ground plans from rtw,or do you make your own?i was under the impression that you couldnt alter the layout of a settlement,but you could change the building to whatever you want.

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    Well our mod uses the vanilla rtw plans at this moment yes.
    But some other mods I'm working with are already thinking of creating their own settlements plans, it can be done and the tutorials are out there for it :)

    Maybe this will also be implemented in RNJ, but certainly not before the first beta ;)

    We're also thinking aiming for changing the texture of streets etc. to give it all a more Japanese look but I haven't been able to accomplish that yet.

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    the reason i ask is rtw settlements are always on one level with a central would be nice to fight through an accurate representation of a japanese city with buildings on different levels.

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    And that is levels in Height? You mean?

    If so I can't really say if we are going to heighten the plains in a city, that would be quite the major adjustment.
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    there is some major work being done on this at the total war center,argantonio is on the verge of a world editor as we speak.

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    Oh yes I have heard of this, but I was under the impression Argantonio was working to get that done for M2TW and not RTW?

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    you may be right,but if he can get it done for that,it should be possible for rome idea,if you ever get would you fancy making a tutorial?a simple japanese building,angled towards beginners like me.its very obvious you have the skills,the screenshots tell us that!i realise its asking a lot given all the work your doing for rnj,but ive not been able to find a tut that fits that bill.

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    Really, None of the current tuts are helping you enough?

    Since there are quite a few out there, just for some examples.


    3D Modeling:


    You see, the thing is, everything I've learned (except for the modeling part) I have also learned from those tutorials when I was a beginner and started modding RNJ even if they're not focused on buildings that much.
    And well as for me with working for 3 mods, I think you can understand why I wouldn't really have the time for this.
    Besides modeling is really something you have to learn yourself, since its seeing something and trying to recreate that on the screen, knowing how to model is knowing the tool you work with, for example 3d Studio Max, and that program has tutorials of its own on other sites of the internet.
    Texturing in the RTW way and coding 'are' kind of covered in the tutorials in my opinion.

    Still I am curious, what part of Buildings would it be exactly that you wanted to learn more about?

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    i want to learn the lot! youve given me some tuts to go for,the first may i say to have ever done that.others i have asked dont take the time to point an apprentice in the right direction.there are so many tutorials out there its confusing as to which way to i thank you for your help and i will now stop pestering you with all these questions!

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    Haha you're not pestering mate, its always good when someone wants to learn how to mod

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    the thing is,people trying this sort of thing usually come at it from one of two directions,youve either got the computer skills or the artistic skills but not usually both.i fall into the latter category (just!) as im a modelmaker and engraver by profession,ie i make allsorts of metalwork for casting.i specialise in fine highly detailed pieces for people like model soldier manufacturers,recently for example i did some samurai figures.i see all the marvelous work done by people such as your good self and it inspires me to want to try i have all the relevant gear and now,thanks to you a few tutorials.if you can recommend any others i would be gratefull.

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    Sure mate :)

    Really, Samurai Figures? That sounds awesome ;)

    Here are some more recommendations:

    This is a very useful one for wanting to learn how to model, it includes video's ;)

    When you've gotten the basics of skinning/texturing from last tutorial, this one continue's on from that point:

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    cheers,if your interested i"ll dig out the original artwork i did for the figures sometime and put them on here,if thats ok.but it"ll be a little while untill i can find wife says im too untydy,and she"s probably right!

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    Yes very interested mate!

    Please do when you have the time ;)
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